Wrigley Field Chicago – 

Friendly Confines of Sporting Excellence! 


The home ballpark of the famed Chicago Cubs since 1916, the Wrigley Field Chicago has served many a victories to the teams and their fans. This baseball stadium in Chicago, Illinois was built in 1914 and was called Cubs Park between 1920 and 1926. The ballpark gets its present name from the then Cubs team owner William Wrigley Jr. Located in the scenic locale of Addison Street the ballpark attracts clubs from all over the nation. It is the second oldest major league ballpark which is active until date and operates as efficiently as a brand new ballpark would. 


The baseball stadium has earned the nickname ‘The Friendly Confines’ owing to its popularity and following. It can easily accommodate over 41,000 people and is covered by a brick outfield wall and a red marquee at the main entrance. The hand turned scoreboard and the inimitable irregular block bound are lasting memories for visitors. 


The Wrigley Field Chicago is located in a residential area and is well equipped with all the amenities a ballpark may need. The owners and tenants encourage young talent from various clubs to join and participate in ball games and practice at the stadium. It is best known for having hosted the Second Annual National Hockey League Winter Classic in 2009 which was not just a tournament to remember but also the most memorable welcome to the New Year Chicago has ever seen. 


This famous stadium dubbed as the Friendly Confines is a must see to everyone who wants to get a taste of real Chicago as the place bears testimony to some of the best sporting moments of different leading clubs of Chicago, visitors can also purchase memorabilia and sports souvenirs from the exhibit kiosks at the stadium. 






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