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Sears Tower, Chicago (Now the "Willis Tower")

The Willis Tower (aka The Sears Tower)If you are in Chicago, you ought to visit the Willis Tower. A prominent feature of the Chicago skyline, this building has been the center of attraction in the windy city now for decades.

Before the Petronas towers in Malaysia were built, this building was known to be the tallest in the world. Standing at 110 feet tall Willis Tower Chicago is a place that is always bustling with energy.

One of the best things about this building is that; though, it is a commercial establishment, for the people of Chicago it is a symbol of growth and prosperity. It is a place you have to visit not just for the infrastructural marvel that it portrays but for the sheer sense of appreciation that it evokes.

You have to be there to understand what Willis Tower Chicago truly stands for. For tourists, it is a must see attraction and for the people of Chicago, it is a property that holds great importance.

For office goers, Willis Tower Chicago offers great office spaces along withThe Willis Tower AkA The Sears Tower amenities that are unmatched. The gym room at the building is one of the best in terms of the equipment. There is, also, over a 159,000 square feet of rental space available in the building.

All in all, it is a building that simply cannot be ignored. To know more about Willis Tower Chicago, you can visit your local travel office or log on to travel sites. Some of the travel sites offer extensive information along with pictures and other interactive tools.

If you are planning a trip to Chicago, make sure to pay a visit to Willis Tower Chicago. Once you do you can see for yourself what the buzz is all about. However before you plan your trip, make sure the weather and other factors work in your favor.  



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