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How to Convert British Pounds to American Dollars  


When you visit a foreign country, it's easy to lose track of what you're spending when you're dealing with a foreign currency.  In the United Kingdom, which includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the currency used is the Great British pound.  Once you are able to convert British pounds to U.S. dollars, you will be better able to track your spending while abroad. 


Locate the current exchange rate.  While the exchange rate fluctuates constantly, this will give you at least a close idea for the conversion process.  You can find up-to-date currency exchange rates on the websites for XE, X-Rates and OANDA.  


Locate the price of the object you plan to purchase.  When you shop in the United Kingdom, the price on the object is the full price.  No sales tax is added at the register as it often is in the United States.  While shops in Great Britain do add value added tax (VAT), it is already figured into the marked price. 


Multiply the price of your purchase by the current exchange rate.  For instance, if the current exchange rate is $1.60 per British pound, a product that costs €24 would cost you $38.40.  ($1.60 x €24 = $38.40)



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